Night of the Tarantula

Kate Moore – Herz Ensemble

The Tarantella is a driving dance from the south of Italy. According to oral tradition the dance found its origins as the consequence of a spider bite. The wild movements were seen as an appeal to the Virgin Mary to cure the victim of the poison. At the other end of the world, spiders play an important part in the myths of the Australian aboriginals. Composer from The Hague, Kate Moore, winner of the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize, who spent her formative years in Australia, connects these diverse worlds in a program filled with dances. Works of her own will be performed, among new pieces of other (young) composers. For this performance, she expanded the Herz Ensemble with a star cast. Moore introduces the public into a world of mysticism, ritual, and feverish rhythms.

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Klas Torstensson – Pocket Size Violin Concerto

Jellantsje de Vries – solo violin